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October 26, 2013


So I've been catching up on X-Men comics (just finished Avengers/X-Men) and I've been on a full blown X-MEN love fest haha. I grew up a huge Marvel head and even though at times I refuse to read/buy X-books I always come back...eventually. Like pizza even bad X-MEN is good X-MEN lol. 
My son has been picking my recent Lil Dude drawings and he asked me who my favorite X-MEN were. I thought it would be a great question for D.A and since I'm usually all serious and shit I thought this might be fun.

Picking my favorite X-Men is almost impossible (because it's easier to pick who I don't like). I will tell you I am a bigger fan of the outlaw on the run version of X-Men than the whole lets turn Marvel's deadliest killer and make him a school teacher X-MEN. 

Here's my squad (it's big, because I couldn't eliminate anyone):

- Storm (mohawk, punk rock version that will stab you).
- Forge (this dude would be awesome on your team).
- Gambit (his skill set lends itself to being on the run).
- Domino (her luck will save your ass).
- Rogue (she's tough and will kick your ass).
- Psylocke (she's a freaking ninja with brain swords).
- Wolverine (the berserker that's just barely holding it together, plus I like the dynamic between him and Gambit).
- Cannonball (he took out Gladiator, no other reason needed, plus he's the kid brother of the group just imagine the shit Gambit or Domino would get him into).
- Magic (she's badass and if you piss her off she'll dump your ass in hell).

Who do you got?

p.s. my favorite X-Men is Cyclops or Havok or Wolverine or Colossus or Storm.....or maybe Cable or Archangel.....or Beast.

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Robert-Shane Nov 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Good topic Erick! Sounds like I have even more catching up to do on the X-books than you. I'm just reading the A vs X stories as they're being reprinted over here (Britain) now.  When did Cannonball take out Gladiator!?

My favorite CHARACTER from the x-men is Wolverine all the way - and I'm talking about the Barry Windsor-Smith 'Weapon X' era. But it's a close thing between him and Colossus - he's certainly my favorite to draw. For me - Colossus's design is one of the best of any comic character - especially if you take how Art Adams draws him as an example.  

Now I'm reading the A vs X story - I see Colossus has turned into Juggernaut - which kind of messes up the aesthetic for me - and can anyone please explain to me why he's wearing the very stupid looking Juggernaut helmet? I thought that was just something Cain Marko wore so that Professor X couldn't get into his head? I'm sure I must be missing something simple here - but I'd appreciate it if anyone can help me out! :) 
i wasn't blown away by how it A vs X ended, pretty weak imo. plus any time you've got battles raging and magneto doesn't crush ironman because he's created some b.s anti-metal suit screams of weak sauce. not to mention the thing beats namor not once but twice (and under water no less). weak. 
cannonball defeats gladiator during joe mad's run. it's a cool read, if i can find a copy of that issue i'll put it in with the other stuff i need to send you.

cain did begin wearing the helmet to block xavier from getting in his head. i don't know why they decided to add the juggernaut's helmet to colossus, maybe just poor design by the artist?
Robert-Shane Dec 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for that E. I'm not totally sold on the premise for A vs X - but if it helps attracts new readers I suppose I'm all for it. Reminds me a little of Secret Wars - where, essentially it was an excuse for Marvel to showcase their biggest teams and the story was secondary. Ironically though, it was that series that probably made Colossus my favorite Marvel character. I switched off the X-Men when they killed him off to cure the legacy virus - but jumped back in when Joss Whedon brought him back in Astonishing. 

I only just got to the point in the story where Colossus takes on the Thing on the moon and wins! So definitely a high point in the series so far... and to make it even sweeter - the Thing knocks off that stupid helmet! lol

Oh and one last thing - I cannot stand those stupid, juvenile, mis-judged, unfunny 'fun facts'. I thing the term the kids use these days is "epic fail" :lol: 
jolimint Nov 1, 2013   General Artist
Damn you, I retyped my list multiple times and can't decide on a definitive lineup haha. I love that people pulled out Colossus, Kitty, and Magik. And your reasons behind Storm are too hilarious, best version for sure.
haha, storm at one time was a bad chick. she beat cyclops fair and square with NO powers. I love that version of storm, she's hard core. 
jolimint Nov 6, 2013   General Artist
Hell yeah she did. I would love to see different people's takes on her fight with Callisto too. Deep down when reading it, I've had this exploitative punk/horror theme in mind haha.
storm was gangster she would scrap with anyone. i think that aspect of her character has been lost with writers trying to put emphasis on her powers. 
tsieben Oct 27, 2013  Professional Filmographer
Kitty Pryde
i should have put kitty on my team, great pick.
tsieben Nov 5, 2013  Professional Filmographer
She's a keeper! Great topic!
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